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SongTime (HH:MM:SS)Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Report
Marianne Faithfull - It's All Over Now Baby Blue14:43:272020-08-13Report
Rita Ora - Poison 14:37:492020-08-13Report
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah14:31:032020-08-13Report
Fancy Cars & SVRCINA - I'll Follow14:24:562020-08-13Report
Dan Auerbach - Never In My Wildest Dreams14:21:502020-08-13Report
Writing's On The Wall - Sam Smith On Spotify & Apple14:16:112020-08-13Report
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson Lyrics14:13:102020-08-13Report
Hey, Soul Sister - Train Piano Tribute14:06:562020-08-13Report
Ivor Game - Must Be Doing Something Right14:05:462020-08-13Report
Ivor Game - I've Gone Again14:03:562020-08-13Report
White Winter Hymnal - Fleet Foxes Cover - Gardiner Sisters14:00:202020-08-13Report
Calvin Harris - Feel so close 13:51:052020-08-13Report
Tomo - Picturing You Gone13:48:012020-08-13Report
Creep - Radiohead 13:40:352020-08-13Report
Noah Kahan - Passenger 13:34:232020-08-13Report
Havana Camila Cabello  Cover ft. Young Thug - Matt Johnson13:31:342020-08-13Report
O'G3NE - Het is over - Beste Zangers 201613:25:382020-08-13Report
Jessie Reyez ft. Daniel Caesar - Figures, a Reprise13:20:322020-08-13Report
Cam - Burning House13:16:242020-08-13Report
John Legend 'City Of Stars & Audition - Medley'13:13:132020-08-13Report
Get Lucky acoustic version Meg Birch13:07:412020-08-13Report
Joseph - Honest 13:04:542020-08-13Report
Magic - Rude On Spotify & Apple13:01:132020-08-13Report
Riverdale Season 2 - Mad World - Cast Of Riverdale12:55:582020-08-13Report
George Ezra - Blame It on Me12:52:142020-08-13Report
X Ambassadors - Renegades 12:49:032020-08-13Report
Say Something / Midnight Summer Jam 12:41:502020-08-13Report
Say Yes12:35:442020-08-13Report
James TW - When You Love Someone12:32:052020-08-13Report
Eagles - Take It Easy -HD12:28:372020-08-13Report
The Thrill Of It All - Sam Smith 12:25:252020-08-13Report
Tomo - For None to See12:19:272020-08-13Report
Call Me Loop - Give 'n' Take12:16:102020-08-13Report
Me And My Broken Heart 12:13:572020-08-13Report
Fink - 'Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us'12:06:542020-08-13Report
Astrid S - Paper Thin - Live12:03:362020-08-13Report
Jon Bryant - Ontario11:57:272020-08-13Report
Sign of the Times - Harry Styles 11:50:512020-08-13Report
John Legend Sharon Jones Whats Going On11:45:172020-08-13Report
Ivor Game - I've Got A Feeling That I'm Going To Fall In Love Quite Soon11:40:582020-08-13Report
Yellow - Coldplay 11:37:042020-08-13Report
Wulf - Mind Made Up11:32:062020-08-13Report
Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side by Jordan Mackampa - COVERS11:26:472020-08-13Report
Rihanna ft. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie 11:19:232020-08-13Report
The Bay Tree Studio - By The Sea11:16:032020-08-13Report
Brace - Flink Zijn 11:11:232020-08-13Report
Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry11:07:412020-08-13Report
Damien Sorbonne - Fly Me To The Moon 11:02:202020-08-13Report
Rosie Carney K Sub Español10:57:402020-08-13Report
Dotan - Hungry 10:51:542020-08-13Report
Beatles - Let It Be 10:48:022020-08-13Report
Timeflies - Raincoat 10:44:052020-08-13Report
XO - Beyoncé cover10:37:592020-08-13Report
Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons - LYRICS10:34:182020-08-13Report
Lianne La Havas Live - He Loves Me10:30:452020-08-13Report
Crazy - Ray Lamontagne10:24:252020-08-13Report
The Shins - New Slang10:20:262020-08-13Report
Tomo - Picturing You Gone10:17:272020-08-13Report
ANOUK presenteert de LENTE in het RTL WEERBERICHT10:15:182020-08-13Report
Lykke Li - Gunshot 10:15:142020-08-13Report
ANOUK presenteert de LENTE in het RTL WEERBERICHT10:12:212020-08-13Report
Lykke Li - Gunshot 10:08:352020-08-13Report
Hands To Myself, Love Yourself, Perfect - Landon Austin and Kaya May10:01:532020-08-13Report
James TW - When You Love Someone09:58:152020-08-13Report
City Of Stars - La La Land 09:55:262020-08-13Report
Bring Me The Horizon - Sleepwalking 09:51:422020-08-13Report
Charlie Puth - Attention 09:39:422020-08-13Report
Hozier - Work Song09:36:052020-08-13Report
Shawn Mendes - Ruin09:31:582020-08-13Report
Where You Lead - Carole King 09:26:072020-08-13Report
Paperweight-by Joshua Radin 09:22:362020-08-13Report
Gorgon City ft. Elderbrook - Smile 09:17:172020-08-13Report
George Ezra - Budapest09:13:552020-08-13Report
Tomo - Picturing You Gone09:10:362020-08-13Report
Jim van der Zee - Wicked Game - The voice of Holland - The Liveshows - Seizoen 809:06:152020-08-13Report
Labrinth - Jealous09:01:322020-08-13Report
Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You08:57:552020-08-13Report
Nathan Sykes - Over And Over Again08:53:502020-08-13Report
James Morrison - The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore08:47:202020-08-13Report
O'G3NE - Emotion 08:45:302020-08-13Report
I Don't Wanna Know - Recorded at Spotify Studios NYC 08:41:522020-08-13Report
Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves - Gardiner Sisters On Spotify08:36:202020-08-13Report
Shawn Mendes - Honest 08:33:012020-08-13Report
Lorde - Liability08:30:022020-08-13Report
Jorja Smith - 'Goodbyes' 08:23:452020-08-13Report
Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard08:20:342020-08-13Report
Coldplay - The Scientist08:15:572020-08-13Report
Lilly Wood - Prayer in C 08:12:372020-08-13Report
Sam Smith - Burning 08:06:332020-08-13Report
Beta Radio - On The Frame08:02:422020-08-13Report
Sarah Jarosz - Build Me Up From Bones07:56:372020-08-13Report
The Bay Tree Studio - Summer Night07:53:552020-08-13Report
Norah Jones - Carry On07:50:522020-08-13Report
Corey Harper - On the Run07:45:212020-08-13Report
Joshua Radin, 'I'd Rather Be With You' - new video07:42:232020-08-13Report
Stayin Out All Night/Habits 07:38:212020-08-13Report
Ed Sheeran - The a Team07:28:582020-08-13Report
Jim van der Zee - Suzanne07:25:142020-08-13Report
Yusuf Cat Stevens, Wild World, Festival de Viña 2015 HD 1080p07:19:362020-08-13Report
OFFICIAL - Westworld Soundtrack - Black Hole Sun - Ramin Djawadi07:14:562020-08-13Report
Rosie Carney K Sub Español07:10:302020-08-13Report
Puzzle Muteson - By Night07:06:392020-08-13Report
The Mayries - Black Beatles 07:03:042020-08-13Report
Hello - Adele - Piano Cinematic On Spotify & Apple06:56:252020-08-13Report
Paul McCartney 'The Long And Winding Road/My Love' Live 200906:48:142020-08-13Report
Radical Face - Secrets 06:43:292020-08-13Report
Youngr - Out Of My System 06:38:052020-08-13Report
Tomo - Picturing You Gone06:34:572020-08-13Report
Marshmello & Anne-Marie - FRIENDS *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*06:28:502020-08-13Report
The Swell Season - Falling Slowly06:22:052020-08-13Report
drwn. & MF Eistee - Illshit - EXPEDITion Vol. 17 : Views 06:19:562020-08-13Report
Gregory Porter - Take Me To The Alley 06:11:312020-08-13Report
Main Title Theme - Bob Dylan06:05:232020-08-13Report
Most Girl Acoustic - Hailee Steinfeld05:59:372020-08-13Report
Joan Shelley - Where I'll Find You - Later... with Jools Holland - BBC Two05:56:252020-08-13Report
John Mayer - Good Love Is On The Way 05:53:022020-08-13Report
John Legend Sharon Jones Whats Going On05:45:212020-08-13Report
Gregory Porter - Smile05:40:582020-08-13Report
José González - 'The Is How We Walk On The Moon'05:33:232020-08-13Report
The Bay Tree Studio - Summer Night05:30:212020-08-13Report
Aisha Badru - Splintered 05:24:272020-08-13Report
Adele Million Years Ago Lyric05:20:532020-08-13Report
Jessie Reyez ft. Daniel Caesar - Figures, a Reprise05:15:472020-08-13Report
Mash Up - Love Runs Out VS Counting Stars by Matt Johnson originally By One Republic05:09:542020-08-13Report
Kaleo - All The Pretty Girls05:05:092020-08-13Report
Mahalia - Sober 05:00:522020-08-13Report
Ivor Game - Nothing04:56:122020-08-13Report
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends04:48:572020-08-13Report
Tom Grennan - Sober 04:42:412020-08-13Report
James TW - Sanctuary04:38:402020-08-13Report
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven04:31:472020-08-13Report
Ivor Game - You're The One04:29:292020-08-13Report
Ed Sheeran - Happier04:25:502020-08-13Report
Boy - Drive Darling - Acoustic 04:21:442020-08-13Report
The Bay Tree Studio - The Long Walk04:17:392020-08-13Report
Sigrid - Don't Kill My Vibe 04:14:262020-08-13Report
MASH UP - Little Things VS Night Changes - One Direction Acoustic By Matt Johnson04:10:502020-08-13Report
Passenger feat Josh Pyke 'What You're Thinking' - In The Raw04:05:082020-08-13Report
Tom Odell - Another Love04:00:552020-08-13Report
Taylor Swift - Blank Space 03:55:442020-08-13Report
Coldplay feat. Hannah Trigwell acoustic cover) - The Scientist 03:51:052020-08-13Report
Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs 03:45:322020-08-13Report
Gregory Porter - Holding On03:40:322020-08-13Report
George Ezra - Budapest03:36:422020-08-13Report
I'll Be There For You - The Rembrandts on Spotify & Apple03:31:412020-08-13Report
Feels Like Home 03:26:462020-08-13Report
Stan Walker, Parson James - Tennessee Whiskey03:20:102020-08-13Report
Pillowtalk - Zayn on Spotify & Apple03:16:472020-08-13Report
Maan - Jij bent de liefde - Beste Zangers03:12:492020-08-13Report
Mt. Wolf - Aetherlight Instrumental Version 02:10:502020-08-13Report
Tom Walker - Leave a Light On02:07:122020-08-13Report
The Bay Tree Studio - By The Sea02:04:022020-08-13Report
Overcoats - 'Cherry Wine' 01:57:262020-08-13Report
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift 01:54:412020-08-13Report
Frank Sinatra - Come Fly with Me01:48:552020-08-13Report
Sam Smith- I've Told You Now Lyrics01:44:392020-08-13Report
Adele Remedy Lyrics01:38:302020-08-13Report
Lost - Matt Johnson - Official Audio on Apple & Spotify01:33:592020-08-13Report
Rihanna ft. Eminem - Love The Way You Lie 01:28:572020-08-13Report
Ellie Goulding - Your Song01:23:222020-08-13Report
George Harrison - My Sweet Lord01:18:392020-08-13Report
Royals - Acoustic Version 01:13:482020-08-13Report
Sabella - Fortress01:10:412020-08-13Report
Tomo - For None to See01:06:432020-08-13Report
I Go To The Barn Because I Like The01:01:392020-08-13Report
Passenger - Beneath Your Beautiful - Live at Spotify Amsterdam00:58:082020-08-13Report
George Ezra - Budapest 00:54:452020-08-13Report
Ron Pope - A drop in the ocean 00:48:482020-08-13Report
Adele - First Love 00:43:552020-08-13Report
Sam Moss - Neon and Allies 00:36:232020-08-13Report
Bill Frisell - In My Life - Strawberry Fields Forever00:17:362020-08-13Report
Shawn Mendes - Mercy 00:13:512020-08-13Report
Complete - Matt Johnson Official Video 00:10:572020-08-13Report
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars00:04:592020-08-13Report
Tom Grennan - Found What I've Been Looking For 00:01:142020-08-13Report
Fink - 'Resurgam '23:54:242020-08-12Report
Norah Jones - Come Away With Me23:48:562020-08-12Report
Ed Sheeran - Small Bump23:44:402020-08-12Report
Bill Frisell - Beatiful Boy.wmv23:41:082020-08-12Report
The Bay Tree Studio - By The Sea23:35:462020-08-12Report
Coldplay - Fix You23:30:452020-08-12Report
José González - What Will 23:24:202020-08-12Report
Joseph - Honest 23:21:362020-08-12Report
James TW - Say Love 23:15:442020-08-12Report
Nina Nesbitt - Somebody Special 23:12:002020-08-12Report
One Less Bell To Answer / A House Is Not A Home - Glee 23:07:162020-08-12Report
The Lumineers - Ho Hey23:02:272020-08-12Report
Aldous Harding - Blend23:00:042020-08-12Report
Ruben Hein - Early Morning Rain22:56:072020-08-12Report
Hozier - Take Me To Church - Acoustic 22:49:182020-08-12Report
Keston Cobblers Club - Almost Home22:46:302020-08-12Report
Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel 22:44:202020-08-12Report
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne 22:40:222020-08-12Report
Kaki King - Neanderthal22:33:502020-08-12Report
Dawn Landes and Piers Faccini - Heaven's Gate 22:30:302020-08-12Report
The Bay Tree Studio - Someday22:24:562020-08-12Report
JP Cooper - Passport Home 22:21:382020-08-12Report
Mumford and sons - White blank page 22:17:122020-08-12Report
Rihanna - Take A Bow22:11:202020-08-12Report
Prides 'Are you ready' The Selector Radio session22:05:572020-08-12Report
Imagine Dragons - Demons 22:00:252020-08-12Report
Wrapped Up 21:57:322020-08-12Report
Matt Maeson - Cringe 21:47:502020-08-12Report
Gregory Porter - Take Me To The Alley 21:41:282020-08-12Report
Harry Pane - Beautiful Life21:37:562020-08-12Report
Rewrite The Stars - Zac Efron, Zendaya 21:34:202020-08-12Report
Au/Ra - Panic Room 21:28:072020-08-12Report
Hozier - Take Me To Church21:23:542020-08-12Report
Ivor Game - Cornered21:22:192020-08-12Report
Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran - Everything Has Changed21:16:052020-08-12Report
Sam Wray - Love and Time21:12:472020-08-12Report
Hey brother feat. Facs) - Avicii 21:09:102020-08-12Report
Van Morrison - Into The Mystic21:05:372020-08-12Report
John Prine - Clay Pigeons20:58:572020-08-12Report
Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard20:55:362020-08-12Report
The Monster/Wake Me Up 20:49:362020-08-12Report
alt-J - Warm Foothills20:45:502020-08-12Report
JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - Cry Me A River 20:42:122020-08-12Report
Theodore Kidd - Carry On20:39:212020-08-12Report
Let Me Love You #SoulFoodSessions x Kiana20:34:542020-08-12Report
Going to California - Led Zeppelin 20:31:052020-08-12Report
Troye Sivan - My My My! 20:24:362020-08-12Report
Stay With Me - Sam Smith On Spotify & Apple20:17:052020-08-12Report
Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett Cheek To Cheek Live at The 57th Grammy Award20:13:302020-08-12Report
Sam Wray - Love and Time20:07:552020-08-12Report
Rocky Raccoon20:04:092020-08-12Report
SYML - Where's My Love19:59:562020-08-12Report
Marco Borsato, Matt Simons - Breng Me Naar Het Water19:53:442020-08-12Report
Shawn Mendes - Lights On 19:50:092020-08-12Report
The A Team- Ed Sheeran lyrics19:45:172020-08-12Report
Puzzle Muteson - By Night19:39:242020-08-12Report
Adele - Crazy For You 19:36:212020-08-12Report
ADELE - 'Make You Feel My Love'19:32:172020-08-12Report
Joshua Hyslop - Home 19:26:062020-08-12Report
Riverdale Season 2 - Mad World - Cast Of Riverdale19:22:532020-08-12Report
Joel Adams - Please Don't Go19:17:162020-08-12Report
Stayin Out All Night/Habits 19:13:142020-08-12Report
Niall Horan - This Town 19:09:132020-08-12Report
Sabrina Claudio - Tell Me 19:06:012020-08-12Report
Dean Lewis - Chemicals 18:59:582020-08-12Report
The Bay Tree Studio - Someday18:50:212020-08-12Report
Brian Epstein - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Beatles18:47:582020-08-12Report
Little Mix - The End 18:43:512020-08-12Report
Rewrite The Stars - Zac Efron, Zendaya 18:39:552020-08-12Report
Ed Sheeran - 'Shape of You' Acoustic - Elvis Duran Live18:34:012020-08-12Report
Love Me Like I'm Gone. 18:30:502020-08-12Report
Dean Lewis - Lose My Mind 18:27:362020-08-12Report
James TW - For You 18:22:012020-08-12Report
The Lost Brothers - Echoes In The Wind18:18:242020-08-12Report
The Fray - Be Still 18:15:362020-08-12Report
Nothing Else Matters 18:10:172020-08-12Report
Amy Shark - 'Adore' 18:06:212020-08-12Report
Mary Gauthier 'Mercy Now'17:59:472020-08-12Report
Lifehouse - You and Me17:50:012020-08-12Report
Aldous Harding - Blend17:47:352020-08-12Report
The Bay Tree Studio - Summer Night17:42:382020-08-12Report
The White Stripes - 'City Lights' Official Video17:37:432020-08-12Report
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends17:30:222020-08-12Report
Brace - Flink Zijn 17:25:522020-08-12Report
Lea Michele - Run to You 17:22:092020-08-12Report
Or The Highway - Simon Linsteadt 17:16:172020-08-12Report

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